Happiness index. We propose to build an index of “happy places to work and to buy” underlying happiness dimensions through observational research using mobile app, videos, photos.

  • Charlotte Gaston-Breton, ESCP Europe
  • Benoît Heilbrunn, ESCP Europe

1.1. Consumption and Happiness Applying either a sociological, psychological or anthropological approach, we examine the relationships between subjective well-being, anti-consumption and public consumption.

  • Benoît Heilbrunn, ESCP Europe
  • Marcelo Nepomuceno, ESCP Europe
  • Luca Visconti, ESCP Europe

1.2. Performance and Emotions We examine to what extent emotions are related to team decision-making and individual performancespecially for salespersons and students.

  • Richard Bagozzi, Michigan Ross School
  • Isabella Soscia, SKEMA Business School
  • Véronique Tran, ESCP Europe



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